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Relax and keep the conversation going with these great questions.

20 Questions: Take a look at this list of questions you can ask a date.

An awesomely bad single dating promo video by Professionals in the City: Are you glad you went with a friend? I knew that no matter how awkward and out-of-place I felt, I would still have someone to talk to.

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Would LOVE if you could add your own in the comments section below.

10 quirky questions to help you both enjoy your short time together, and to help your date remember you when it comes to making selections: The reason why these questions are so good, is because they immediately trigger a woman’s primal brain.

However, I thought the event was well-organized so you wouldn’t really need to go with a friend.

As soon as we walked in the door to the bar (Zen in Pentagon Row) the Professionals in the City coordinators immediately asked our names and got us signed in for the event.

Just got off the phone with one of my private coaching clients who is getting prepped for a speed dating event tonight. If you ask another question and do not share, it will literally suck any spark out of her.

I typically practice conversation and leadership skills with guys to help them be prepped before they go on dates or a to events.

I stumbled on this great article a site called NY Easy Dates, that gave 10 Quirky Questions To Ask When Speed Dating. NOTE: Once you ask one of these questions and a woman responds, YOU MUST do the following: – Let her know she’s been heard.

(That I know can also be used on dates) I think they are awesome and wanted to share them. For now, you can simply repeat back what she has said to you.

Read through these great stories on advice on how to approach your first date.


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