A powerful dating technique that simply works

These are the guys you see getting angry and upset at their girlfriends because they don't understand women and don't know why their women are doing what they're doing.And you know you don't learn to be a writer or a poet or an artist WITHOUT studying other writers and poets and artists and LEARNING their methods and their techniques and INCORPORATING them into your own.

a powerful dating technique that simply works-26

Face it – if we were all that lucky we would have already met a couple of nymphomaniac twins who own a bar.

Instead, we have to learn some killer seduction techniques – techniques that just don’t fail to get laid tonight.

The key is finding out his kinks and fantasies and exploring them with him. This can be tricky, but if you are accepting and open when listening to him without judgment, then he will have no problem sharing them with you.

When you do find out what they are, then it's time to start trying them out with him.

And you KNOW too that a lot of those guys are nothing special...

many of them are NOT all that good-looking, or charming, or rich... Maybe they're just guys you've seen stop a woman on the street, or walk up to her at the bar, and in no time flat she's smiling and playing with her hair and flirting like crazy and you found yourself wondering what they said or did.That's what learning from a guy who's already figured it all out does for you. so instead of you taking YEARS to get there -- you can get there in weeks.If you're a MASOCHIST -- someone who LOVES pain -- and you REALLY want to torture yourself, then sure, go ahead and try to learn everything from scratch by YOURSELF.they just happened to have picked up this SECRET KNOWLEDGE somewhere along the line -- the knowledge of HOW to SUCCEED with the fairer sex. give them their phone numbers, or leave the bar or the party or the bookstore or the coffeeshop with them. What if I told you you could get inside such a man's BRAIN and find out EXACTLY how he thinks about women, dating, and moving things forward -- how he takes a woman from TOTAL STRANGER to a woman he ends up GETTING PHYSICAL with?These are the guys you see bumbling around drunk at the bar, girls shaking their heads and walking away from them in disgust.If your partner isn't comfortable giving you a lot of verbal instruction she may move her body so your tongue is on the right spot.


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  4. I designed it to specifically answer the most important questions and clear up myths and cultural misunderstandings.

  5. No, you should not have asked your husband, the father of your child, to move out of your house because you snooped through his phone and interrogated him about his sexual fantasies.

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