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Having resigned, the employee will not be entitled to a severance package.Given the risk involved an employee should not quit and claim constructive dismissal without first seeking legal advice from an experienced employment lawyer.

It is important to remember that any debt incurred by 1 partner on behalf of the business is incurred by the other partner.

A constructive dismissal is defined as follows: if an employer makes a substantial change to the terms of an employee’s employment without the employee’s consent or demonstrates an intention to not longer be bound by the terms of the employment contract the employee has the option of treating his or her employment as having been terminated.

In the employment context, an employer is no longer meeting its contractual obligations if it has fundamentally altered the employee’s job, work environment or compensation without the employee’s consent.

The lawyers at RT have identified what we believe to be the “Top 10” employment law cases that you need to know about from 2012.

Having a clear policy that extends to all employees helps you manage vacations fairly and effectively.

The Ontario Employers need to arrange employee vacation schedules as far in advance as possible, especially in small organizations where covering for absences can pose a challenge.The Act outlines a number of “what-if” scenarios, which can help employers navigate different circumstances.As many employees take time off from work to enjoy the summer months, employers often have questions regarding the calculation of employees’ vacation pay and the scheduling of their vacation time.To be considered a constructive dismissal the change(s) to the terms of employment must go to the very heart of the employment contract.Minor changes will not trigger a constructive dismissal.Being constructively dismissed does not entitle the employee to a greater or lesser severance package than if the employer had explicitly notified the employee that he or she was being terminated without cause.

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