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to make white America comfortable with massive non-white immigration and its own dispossession" — has written that the "demonization of Russia in Western media and political circles" is a Jewish campaign to undermine Putin."Russia under Vladimir Putin," he wrote, "has proved to be far more nationalistic than is good for the Jews or for Israel." Southern Poverty Law Center, pushed back against claims that he is anti-Semitic.But he said he believes "the organized Jewish community" is heavily involved in "supporting movements that want to destroy nationalism.""We call out those who are doing things that are hurting our people and are hurting the planet," he said, including "Jewish conglomerates" who are "ruthless cosmopolitans" and "don’t have a home anywhere."Christopher Stroop, a scholar whose work centers around modern Russian history, has characterized many of today's alt-right figures as 'Traditionalist International" — a movement centered around the supremacy and "shared blood" of white Christians inspired largely by Russia's religious, nationalist turn spearheaded by Putin at the start of his third term.project Russia as the natural ally of all those who pine for a more secure, illiberal world free from the tradition-crushing rush of globalization, multiculturalism and women’s and gay rights," The New York Times' Andrew Higgins wrote in September.

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The low-waged still face disincentives as they move from benefits into work and up the pay scale." Extreme poverty is being routed. In short, the world is a richer, healthier, better educated and more equal place than at any time in my lifetime.

And yet, the consensus surrounding free markets and liberal democracy has never seemed so fragile.

Other reporting indicates that Heimbach may have been excommunicated from the church due to his extreme views."And that requires having a strong moral foundation. The fact that he's rebuilt tens of thousands of churches, allowed religious services to be broadcast on national television — all of that has been crucial to rebuilding Russia.""There is a revival in Russian Orthodoxy with over 25,000 new churches built in Russia after the fall of Communism," he said. Over 70% of the population identifies themselves as Orthodox Christians.

Combine this religious revival with renewed Nationalism and Russia is growing in self-confidence.""Putinism is heavily influenced by the ideas of Dugin and that old Slavophlie/Pan-Slav Russian nationalist tradition at this point," Stroop said, pointing to the soft-power Russkiy Mir Foundation established by Putin in 2007.

Yet guess which party it was that ended up being booted permanently off Twitter…

This is why I took very strong exception to a piece written by Brendan O’Neill on Coffee House condemning Milo and his Twitter followers as ‘alt-right angries, convinced the world is one big lefty, feminist plot to ruin your average white dude’s life’ and ‘as anti-PC, bedroom-bound fans of Trump and strangers to sexual intercourse’.

Milo had got into a public spat with Jones when he goaded her over the awfulness of her new movie, an all-female remake of .

Nothing he said matched the borderline racism and incitement to mob bullying in some of Jones’s tweets.

It seems to me that if you’re going to campaign for fairness and free speech — as Brendan frequently and heroically does — then you need correctly to identify the true enemy.

To help you understand what’s going on, I’d like you to cast your minds back to the Eighties and the era of ‘political correctness gone mad’.

Systems of government, systems of finance, systems of trade are all under attack. The world’s economy has many fathers; Adam Smith, the father of capitalism; Richard Arkwright, the father of the industrial revolution; John Maynard Keynes, the father of modern macroeconomic theory; David Ricardo, the father of international free trade; Henry Ford, the father of mass production.

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