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Whether you're a carnivore or veggie, Turkish food is always varied and always delicious.

From all sorts of mezes to the almighty kebab to stellar desserts, you'll never go hungry again.

From the emotional henna night for the bride, to cheesey traditional music, weddings are an extravagant and beautiful affair. Both bride and the groom are decorated with GOLD AND MONEY for their photos.

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I have to confess that even I like to troll foreign guys with this topic.

Fuck Mohammed.” A smile played on Kemal’s handsome, hard face, but his body was tense.

You are only as good as your husband) has been talked about by women, young and old, since early 2014.

The movie version of the book was released March 20.

( if she is traditional type.)well i think i wrote too long and u ask about realtionship but i answered about sex but like i said relationship is just the same as any other culture.

Even in the history or epics you can see that Turks were always open to have a relationship with foreigners.It's basically every meal rolled into one first thing in the morning.Then when you need an afternoon pick-me up, you can head straight for the Turkish coffee!Keep him in suspense.” Teasing the suitor is strongly advised.“Show off how pretty you are, but never let him touch you.” Then come the planned tantrums — “make sure he struggles to please you, don't be easy.”Indeed, this satirical book of advice for single women may be validated with a recent decree from the official Turkish Language Institute.Whether you're headed to one of Turkey's beautiful cities, the arresting countryside, or the incredible beaches, you'll have your own personal tour guide and a supremely romantic trip with your someone special. They place a huge emphasis on cultural and economic exchange with countries around the world, and Istanbul is considered the western world's gateway to the east.


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  2. There has been a rise in the popularity and number of Thai dating sites in the last two years, the majority centered, unsurprisingly, on western men meeting Thai women.

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