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On Monday, congenital amputee models Rebekah Marine and Gianna Schiavone rocked the runway hand-in-hand wearing designs by Josefa Da Silva.Marine, 29, has walked three seasons with FTL Moda so far, but this was 6-year-old Schiavone's runway debut.And user named jubourbon commented on one of her pictures: 'Paola... I'm going through a tough time for health reasons, and seeing your photos and videos, you inspire me to fight and always try to look on the bright side!

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Both were hauling around toddlers as they re-stocked home supplies after difficult divorces.

“The kids started playing with each other, and he said, ‘It’s tough being a single dad,’ ” says Drescher.

I was holding the rope in my left hand, when the jet-ski sped up and made a quick turn. I didn’t cry or scream; I went into pure survival mode, covering my arm so it wouldn’t bleed out. When the first responder came, he was about to give me a shot of morphine and he asked how much I weighed.

My family flashed before my eyes; my sister Emily, the one who is just like me, flashed before my eyes. A guy I worked with teased, “Maggie, this is not the time to lie! I also remember saying, “Do you think we’ll ever be invited back to the Hamptons house?

Four months ago, Maggie Todd, a 29-year-old Princeton grad and flourishing financier, lost her left hand while jet-skiing in the Hamptons.

Five major surgeries, a hundred hospital visitors, and one good cry later, she started over — learning how to dress, work, date, and live with one hand. I have three older sisters and two of them, Molly and Katie, are both mentally disabled.

Lucky attendees who found the entrance were able to join the potty — er, party.

Paola Antonini France Costa, 21, from Belo Horizonte, continues to wow on the catwalk sporting a prosthetic leg and has earned more than 600,000 followers on Instagram with her stunning shots that see her swimming, laughing and skateboarding despite her disability.

But I shut down any negative thoughts and just fought. Everyone was prepared to search for my hand, but turns out, we had dragged it with us; it was still caught in the rope. I was staring at my hand, which was no longer attached to my body. ” Hey, if I’ve learned anything from my sisters it’s that you gotta laugh. Still, I always knew, from the moment it happened, that not only was my life going to fine, it was going to be great.

As fate would have it, my parents had just flown to Hawaii; my Aunt Penny, who lives in Shelter Island, was out of the country; and my sister Emily was about to board a plane from New York to London. When I came out of the first surgery, ten hours later, she was right there. I didn’t want them to think I was sad because I thought the rest of my life was ruined. Even in the helicopter, right after the accident, I promised myself that my life would be even more beautiful because of this. As my mom said, perhaps my “stubborn independence” would actually serve me well. Even though I started working with prosthetists the first week I got home from the hospital, I didn’t have a prototype of my myoelectric prosthesis for two and a half months.

It was a complicated surgery because so many tendons were pulled out. So my mom essentially relocated from California to New York, and my sister moved into my building.

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