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RBD's second album Tragedy haunted the group when a woman and her 2 children were trampled to death in a rush for autographs in Sao Paulo, Brazil in February, 2006.

Name: lisa salisbury Countries Visited: Ecuador Approximate Date of Trip: march 31, 2017-april 8, 2017 Overall trip rating: Excellent Overall trip comments:thrilling experience. Jessica Sanchez Valdiviezo, Ecuadorian, 13 Feb - 17 Feb / 2017 We had an excellent trip. The activities were fun the food was delicious and the guide and staff were knowledgeable, fantastic and always helpful.

Guide Rating: Excellent Guide Comments: Gallo was excellent. Amanda Napolitano, 4 Jan - 14 Jan / 2017 Excelente equipo.

and of course the Galapagos ..pick the best adjective you can think of. He is knowledgeable about the island, the geology, the people, the history, the wildlife. He would let us linger at specific areas that were interesting to us. If we wanted to spend 30 minutes sitting and watching an animal, he let us. So amazing and we are so grateful to have been able to take this trip!

They had been in the house that day with their three-month-old daughter and three other militants. After the attack, a soldier found the baby and carried her out to the street.

Neighbors called the building the House of Rabbits, because the people who lived there bred and sold rabbits, but that business was a front; the basement held the printing press that put out the underground newspaper . He asked the commander of the operation, Colonel Ramón Camps, what to do with her.

When the policeman noticed her watching, he shouted at her to go back into her house or he’d kill her.

As I understand it, Anahi was not a South American goddess, but the main character in a legend from Paraguay in South America.She may have been an actual historical figure, but the ending of the story about her is more mythical.According to the legend, Anahi was the daughter of a chief of the Guarani people, the original inhabitants of Paraguay. The conquistadors captured Anahi, abused her, tied her to a tree, and set her on fire.6 of the characters form a band that extended beyond the show to become one of the most successful Mexican pop bands of all time.They accomplished the rare feat of breaking into mainstream pop radio in the US with a Spanish language song.Everyone went out of way to make sure, we had wonderful holiday.


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