Android validating input data

It provides wide variety of input controls that enable select, cut, copy, paste of text into Edit Text.

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At first let’s define that Android form - it is a set of Edit Text’s whose data should be processed.

There are two main steps to make processing successful: data input and data validation.

Imagine writing your validate method for a project that has over 100 models with 5 required fields in each of them.

From a broader view, you’ll write no less than 1700 lines of code just for your validations and all that is repetitive.

Edit Text widget in android allows us to enter data in UI like html web forms.

It is an extends Text View and additional attributes that allows user to input values.

I am new to android mobile development (Android Studio native development - for new knowledge).

And here I want to ask a question regarding best practice for input validation.

The second solution that I came up with was to find out a way to make the fields required by some means, and check at runtime if the required fields have been initialised or not.


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