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AP PHOTO/BULLIT MARQUEZ MANILA, Philippines—Giving up its claim to have Palawan included in their so-called Bangsamoro autonomous region was one of the “significant concessions” that the secessionist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) gave during negotiations for a framework peace agreement, President Aquino said Wednesday.

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Hikkaduwa – golden rays of sun reflecting on the endless water surface..

a place where the party easily never stops and drums will walk you through the dawn..

Significant concessions Aquino said the significant concessions by the Muslim rebels included, besides the “limited area to be covered by the new Bangsamoro territory,” the agreement for the population in the region covered to give their consent through a plebiscite.

“So it is indicative of their desire to really achieve a just settlement to the lingering issues which have taken almost two generations already of our countrymen.

My mother delivered the baby in our house and as a kid, I found myself helping out and became an assistant to the midwife.

My mother died because of the amount of blood that she had lost during the labor. Our parents left us with a small acre of coconuts, fishpond, banana trees and different root crops.I was glad because she had welcomed us with open arms.Isabelita \'Belet\' Pamor, a Philippine Red Cross volunteer since 1996, has developed a close relationship with the Tagbanwa tribal people of Palawan over many years of helping to deliver goods, supplies and take part in medical missions.Just days after Typhoon Haiyan struck the Visayas and northern Palawan last November, Philippine Red Cross was the first aid organisation to deliver food and relief supplies to three island municipalities: Coron, Cullion and Busuanga.With the support of the Swiss Red Cross and the IFRC, this was followed by cash, non food items, shelter repair kits, tools and CGI distributions to 2000 of the neediest households.It was the happiest thing that happened next to shock.

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