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Sue Perkins has spoken about her “magical” relationship with Secret Eaters host Anna Richardson.

The two TV presenters revealed that they were dating in January this year, when Anna Richardson spoke about dating Perkins after splitting from her boyfriend of 20 years.

This season begins with the reinstatement of the Pawnee government as Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) brings back the town’s Harvest Festival to great success. Chris and Ann date briefly before he and Ben find permanent work in the Pawnee government.

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Leslie Knope: The villain of “Parks and Recreation”. She thinks she knows what’s best for other people — and then manipulates them, or berates them, into following those wishes.

Leslie is pushy, manipulative, controlling, and self-centered. At one point, incredibly, she even manages to trick the National Park Service into opening a new office in Pawnee just for her.

"Leslie: "Harold, your tiny brain could not understand this, but that is the best compliment you could ever give the two women standing in front of you."Ron to Chris, as Chris cries over his "buddy box" gift: "Salt water will warp the wood, so keep your tears in your eyes, where they belong."Leslie: "Can I still call you when I have thoughts on Jennifer Aniston's future? You taught me how to balance my life, how to be be patient."Ann: "Yeah, that's better."Leslie: "...

"Ann: "Not if I call you first."Leslie: "Oh, Ann Perkins. How to throw bur caution to the wind when it came to Ben.

“People were really lovely and wanted to know I was okay.

The usually self-contained 45-year-old, who is currently in a relationship with presenter Anna Richardson, 44, discussed being uncertain about her sexuality in her youth as she marks the release of her candid memoir Spectacles.Sue Perkins, the host of the enormously successful Great British Bake Off, spoke on Lorraine this morning.She said of first meeting Richardson: “There was something sort of magical in the air – there was. “That’s what I want – I want joy in my life, and I’m lucky to have it.” Referring to a picture of the pair, she said: “Look at us there…But now that you're out of the dating pool, you know I'm gonna run this town, right? It gets her too hyper."Ben: "If Chris gets cranky around noon, just stuff some chia seeds into a fig.Works every time."Harold, to Leslie and Ann: "You two are a couple of real pains in the ass, you know that?The final relationship shift catalyzes the exit of Brendanawicz.


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