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Once gone, you would have to file for another one again.The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) is set to launch a special ID card from the former form of ID system which is Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC).There are easy steps as to how a passport owner or OFW can get his or her i DOLE card.

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For those who have Confirmation of Visa Issuance number, the period of stay will depend on the approved length of stay from the Ministry of Justice in Korea.

For all those who wish to apply for a Korean visa, they must comply the list of requirements.

The i Dole is the new and improved OFW identification card (ID) that comes with OFW ID number with multiple usage you wouldn’t have imagined before.

All of you have to do is bring primary to secondary identification cards for identity confirmations before visiting the nearest regional office in your place or go to the main office of DOLE to get your i DOLE ID.

Printing of NBI Clearance is done after the photo and fingerprint capture. If you have any trouble, you may contact with NBI Clearance staff via the following numbers during work hours (Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM).

They were taken from NBI Clearance website on October 4, 2015: GLOBE NUMBERS: 09179999421 / 09179999418 SMART NUMBERS: 09204129999 / 09995699964 And just a comment – After clicking the Sign Up button, you will be taken to a new page. You can upload a photo from your computer, or take a photo straight from your webcam.The hassle, however, lies in the fact that getting an OEC is time consuming, as you have to endure a long trip just to go to the Philippine Embassy or the Philippine Consulate General, line-up for long queues, and then pay for extra fees.Furthermore, having to secure this piece of paper can be quite challenging.But now, they compressed the processes in 3 steps: The new process begins with Online registration, appointment, and e-payment, which we can do without visiting an NBI branch.For our Photo & fingerprint capture, we then go to an NBI branch.As a Filipino working overseas, I’m sure you have encountered the hassle of obtaining an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC), which serves as your proof or license that you are working legally in your respective country.


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