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The Arab nations and the Palestinian Arabs would not accept this monstrous decision.They were obliged to protect themselves against it, with Dubai, Qatar and Bahrain is little easy task compare to more conservative countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iran.

In some gulf countries such as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, alcohol is banned and there is no nightlife features.

However, Qatar, UAE, Dubai, Oman and Bahrain allowed alcoholic beverages conditionally.

ACCORDING to Arab politicians and apologists, this is what happened, this is the authentic view, these are the facts. There can be only one truth, according to Arab politicians and apologists, and it belongs to them: In 1948, war took place between five Arab nations of the Middle East and the Jews in Palestine.

This war was caused by the United Nations, whose General Assembly resolved to partition Palestine into two states, one for the Palestinian Arabs, the other for the Jews.

But what happened in Israel, where the novel was published two years ago, was something else altogether.

By the end of 1986, the book was not only a solid best seller, with 22,000 copies sold - this is roughly equivalent to selling 1.5 million copies in the United States, a feat of Stephen King's - but a topic of wide and sometimes fierce conversation.

This conversation, about the book and especially its author, continues today, and in a sense, I was in Israel to get in on it.

At Ben-Gurion airport, sitting hunched on the baggage carousel, waiting for a suitcase that would not arrive, I had read that week's issue of the Times Literary Supplement and come upon this comment by Israel's most internationally prominent author, Amos Oz: ''Israelis often read as if obsessed.

Because of the Western Imperialists, who favored Israel, the Arabs lost the war.

By massacre, threatening broadcasts, pointed bayonets, and the murderous siege of cities, the Jews drove hundreds of thousands of Arabs out of their homeland.

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