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Kilmorich Church at Cairndow was built in 1818 and is a category A listed building.

Ardkinglas House is located to the south of the village.

Dating back to the 1300s, the Ardkinglas estate extends over more than 12,000 acres of rolling hills and landscaped parkland.

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Several of the large houses have either been converted or have gone.

Hartfield was the summer residence of Lord Inverclyde and later became a YMCA hostel before its dereliction and demolition in the 1960s by Fraser Hamilton of Knockderry Farm.

The 18T MGW weight restriction is in place over a weak section of the B8035.

Timber haulage operations have been suspended on this section of road due to significant damage to the carriageway.

Its distinctive landmark hills - the Paps - are visible from vantage points all over Argyll, and from places as far apart as Ben Nevis and the Irish coast. We'll also visit the former stronghold of the Lords of the Isles at Finlaggan and in the evenings you'll be able, if you'd like, to explore the attractive eighteenth- and nineteenth- century planned villages such as Bowmore and Port Charlotte.

Jura gives the opportunity for a big hill climb, but there is a much gentler alternative on the east coast of the island for those who think a big climb may be too much for them, however wide and marvellous the views.

Islay, once home of the Mac Donald 'Lords of the Isles', is famous for the malt whiskies from its 8 distilleries as well as for its farming, bird life, fishing and shooting.

Hills, moors and machair (fertile ground near the coast) are surrounded by an infinitely varied coast, with rocks, beaches and dunes, salt marshes and cliffs. Jura, nearly as large as Islay, is wild and infinitely more rugged. Walking On Islay, we'll explore the coastal cliffs and abandoned townships of the Oa peninsula, the dunes of Ardnave as well as ancient chapels and Celtic crosses.

Knock Bridge is a 13m single span masonry arch dating from the 18th Century and is a Category B Listed Building.

The bridge was in poor condition due to overloading and although limited remedial works were completed, the bridge was still showing significant distress and for this reason it was considered that a7.5T MGW temporary weight restriction was appropriate.

Day 1: Glasgow - Crinan - Islay Meeting in Glasgow.


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