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With more Southeast Asians flouting cultural prudishness by speaking openly about sex, condom companies in Indonsia and Thailand, such as Thai Nippon Rubber hope to raise revenues here in 2010.

But that's proving to be a challenge due to deeply engrained social and cultural views that associate condoms with extramarital sex, prostitution and sin.

We argue that internal instability is heightened in nations displaying the high level of exaggerated gender inequality indicated by high sex ratios, leading to an altered security calculus for the state.


What we like about these Asian babes is how they appear shy yet ooze with sex appeal.

Here, Yu is next to a black leather couch with her clothes pulled to the waist.

The transfers are made using "even more cruel and devious means than the original slave trade," Unicef's Kul Gautum told an International Symposium on Trafficking of Children, being held in Tokyo.

He said in Asia and the Pacific alone, more than 30 million children have been traded over the last three decades.

The high sex ratios in China and India in particular have implications for the long-term security of these nations and the Asian region more broadly.

A United Nations official has described the trafficking of women and children across Asia as "the largest slave trade in history".We can see that she has a tattoo on her left arm and left chest area. Yu is cupping both of her perky breasts with her hands. This film takes you behind the scenes of the sex trade.Asia Sex Yu is a set of photos featuring an all-natural babe.Water jets blast freshly minted condoms, while conveyor belts usher them to an industrial laundry room for washing and drying. In a sterile lab, hundreds of women in hairnets and white jackets operate machines that scan for defects.


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