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As Applejack greets the social elite of Manehattan, Aunt Orange compliments her on her learned speech but later attempts to save face when Applejack embarrasses herself.

In Apple Family Reunion, Aunt and Uncle Orange appear at Sweet Apple Acres shortly before Raise This Barn, and they appear in the family photo at the song's end.

Aunt and Uncle Orange are the married Earth pony aunt and uncle of Applejack in the Apple family.

They are simply called by their titles-and-shared-name Aunt Orange and Uncle Orange both in The Cutie Mark Chronicles and in Gameloft's mobile game, while the latter Orange is called by that as well as his individual name Mosely Orange in various merchandise.

Uncle Orange shares his mane style and coat and eye colors with S04E10 Unnamed Pegasus Stallion #1, and sometimes shares his design with S04E20 Unnamed Earth Stallion #1. IDW comics writer Ted Anderson has stated regarding the My Little Pony Annual 2013 Equestria Girls story "Since my original plan was to retell 'The Cutie Mark Chronicles' in Eq G form, I wanted to reuse the characters from AJ's story, Aunt and Uncle Orange.

However, it was pointed out that AJ being in the same school as her aunt and uncle was really friggin' weird!

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