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With an average SAT score of 2300, an average ACT score of 34 and an acceptance rate of 8.1 percent, by figures alone Caltech can call itself incredibly selective.

On top of that, the school is majorly math and science oriented, so it requires SAT Subject Tests in math and science.

Answer’s usually in the question…you taught me that!

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(he goes to leave but turns back to look at her) And you may not like where it takes you. Catherine can't believe what she's hearing) The windows are cracked...

Catherine suppresses a grin and looks at Grissom) [edit]Sara: (Sara's mad after getting called into work on her day off) What am I? (looks up at the "ceiling") I thought you said this building was secure! He comes back with a piece of paper and a ruler.) Daggers are rarely more than an inch at the base.

How Many V-Card Carriers Are There on College Campuses, and What Do Others Think of Them?

While it may seem like everyone around you is DTF on any given Friday night, the truth is that virginity is way more common than collegiettes think.

According to Her Campus’s Ultimate College Girl Survey 2012, which surveyed over 2,500 college women across the country, 43 percent of girls were still virgins at the time that they responded to the survey.

Twenty-two percent lost their virginities between the ages of 18 and 19 and 4.5 percent did between ages 21 and 23, which means that more than half of all the girls were likely virgins for at least part of their freshman year, if not longer.These schools topped the list of hardest to get into.The prestigious California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California is one of the toughest colleges to get into, and the second hardest in California. Tons of collegiettes, not just freshmen, are still carrying their V-cards—and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.We asked collegiettes to share their real-life experiences as virgins so we could get the scoop on the good and the bad of waiting to have sex (and losing it when you’re ready).and more, many of us collegiettes have grown up thinking of virginity as some backwards, juvenile label we need to shed before moving on to the mature world that is the college campus (to which we have to say: there’s so much wrong with that sentence). Still, some collegiettes can’t help but worry about the way it’ll affect their love lives (and what guys think of girls who are still virgins).


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