Benefits of consolidating call centers

If it is critical for your business to respond to customer inquiries 24/7, 365 days a year to help resolve issues and build lasting relationships that will benefit the bottom line, DATAMARK can provide the outsourced contact center solution you seek.

When you outsource call center services your business is able to expand its customer service offerings to help increase satisfaction.

“As municipal budgets shrink, it’s seen as a no-brainer by many.” As we’ve been hearing more and more about the potential benefits of consolidation, which inevitably leads to greater centralization, we’ve thought back to dozens of past interviews with officials in cities and states that had made great efforts to decentralize their government functions.

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If your business model requires it, we can staff multiple shifts or use our cloud-based contact center technology platform to route calls to available agents at our worldwide location for weekend or after-hours support.

As one of the leading call center outsourcing companies in the world, we have experience working with clients across various industries to ensure their customer service goals are met.

Our dedicated managers work closely with the agencies to make sure their concerns are ours. In the contact center and operations support area, GCS can provide scaled solutions from full turnkey operations to consulting support for captive or contracted centers.

The volume of calls, emails and faxes coming into the offices of government agencies and companies continues to rise.

Add chat and text session monitoring, video conferencing and web app support and you have a communications tangle.

Global Contact Services solves the problem by keeping you in touch with your customer – no matter the channel.

Data center modernization requires organizations to rethink operational and organizational priorities, resulting from changing economic trends and new technologies.

This overview helps you build a cost-effective and agile operation that aligns with business goals.

There also tends to be fewer layers of oversight in a smaller entity, which can help speed things up. The real impetus for this trend has far less to do with the quality of the services and much more to do with budgets.


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