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For example, survivors of sexual abuse often do not want their attackers to know that they are speaking about this highly stigmatized issue.

These people they feel comfortable entering an anonymous chat room so that they can have a sense of support without actually revealing their identity.

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If you are a minister, counselor or therapist looking for a support group and other resources to serve the needs of a counselee wanting freedom from homosexuality, then please read through our website.

In your exploration you will learn who we are and how we can help you might know, Jason International is the brother ministry of Homosexuals Anonymous.

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All people have the right to self determination, the right to choose for themselves the aspects that comprise their identity.

Through HA, you will meet many people who see their identity as being rooted in their faith and not in their unwanted desires and behaviors.

It is named after a young man who was a member of HA in New Zealand and killed himself due to horrific torture and abuse by peers and church members.


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  2. Since there are no visual profiles, you are safe and anonymous and able to chat at your leisure.

  3. "Til It Happens To You," composed by Diane Warren, is the theme song for the campus rape documentary "The Hunting Ground." The film has been screened at hundreds of colleges, and the song has been nominated for a Grammy and an Oscar.

  4. If you're looking for good chat rooms, most of the online dating sites all offer this service.

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