Billy corgan courtney love dating

Billy Corgan would rather settle differences by talking things out reasonably and rationally, but he tends to ignore or poke fun at any attempt to probe his own or others' inner depths.Billy Corgan avoids heavy, demanding emotional relationships and is wary of making personal commitments. Billy Corgan may have done extensive traveling in his early years, or in some way had a background which enables him to understand and identify with many different types of people or cultures.The pair dated in 1991, prior to Love’s marriage to the late Nirvana rocker Kurt Cobain.

In 2006, Corgan moved into the home Love shared with her daughter Frances Bean Cobain.

For much of that time, rumors of a Corgan and Manson falling-out circulated.

In April he went to the Bravo A-List Awards with D-list internet skank Tila Tequila.

Corgan is "just friends" with pornstar Sasha Grey, who would be a rather rad girlfriend compared to Tila or KCAL weather girl Jackie Johnson, who he was linked to this summer.

He needs ample mental stimulation and feels close to people with whom he can share thoughts and intellectual interests. Corgan has a craving for things which are far away and foreign or for things he has never experienced before.

Billy Corgan wants to completely immerse himself in the feelings and tastes of a new place, rather than simply have facts or an intellectual appreciation.

Replacing the only other original member (drummer Jimmy Chamberlin) with a kid who was a year old when Gish came out, then announcing that the band’s next album would be a 44-song monster doled out piece by piece seemed to be the final straws, but something funny happened on the way » As legend has it -- or Wikipedia -- Spike Jonze was originally approached to direct the video for the Smashing Pumpkins hit "1979," but he couldn't because of other obligations at the time.

The honor ended up going to future Little Miss Sunshine helmers Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton, and the pair created a Billy Corgan-approved portrait of teen ennui in the suburbs.

is an American musician, producer, lyricist, writer, and occasional poet, best known as the frontman and sole permanent member of The Smashing Pumpkins.

Formed by Corgan and guitarist James Iha in Chicago, Illinois, in 1987, the band quickly gained steam with the addition of bassist D'arcy Wretzky and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin.

He's become so irrelevant that no one even recognized him in the pictures (and there are several) until today.


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