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In a straightforward, unremarkable work, Dalhouse offers a useful discussion of a little-known subject. I Highly recommend this read."An Island in the Lake of Fire" is a very interesting and objective look at the three generations of Bob Jonses, their controversial Bob Jones University, and the history of fundamentalism in general.

Fundamentalists are an opinionated bunch and the internecine squabbling between the various camps is fascinating to witness.

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C., the Christianity preached by religious right figures such as Jerry Falwell is rejected? Three generations of Bob Joneses have run this militantly fundamentalist and separatist institution, passing the role of university president from father to son.

Dalhouse, who teaches history at Truman State University (formerly Northeast Missouri State University), draws on extensive primary sources to tell the story of BJU, and then places this story in the broader context of American evangelicalism and fundamentalism.

I want to take Computer Science in that university.

SS_304 might goes there too but haven't make a decision yet since he focuses too much on his CRX instead of colleges.

School discipline approaches "in loco parentis in extremis." The Greenville, South Carolina-based university has strong programs in cinema, education, and business but refuses to submit itself to the accreditation review by outsiders. While he is a bit hard on Bob Jones, Jr., he gets most things right, a real accomplishment for an "outsider" in a paranoid system.

Evolution cannot be taught, but Dalhouse does not discuss the school's approach to other sciences equally troubling to biblical literalists, such as cosmology or paleontology. I heartily recommend the book, but if you are a sincere Christian, the university will be dangerous for your spiritual life. Dalhouse goes into great detail about the history of Bob Jones as a person and how this person-hood was translated into Bob Jones College, and later University.He also shows how BJU has promoted a strict doctrine of separatism from theological liberalism, and has attacked even attempts by conservative Protestants to make common cause with conservative Catholics and Jews. there is clearly much more to say about BJU and its place as the self-anointed guardian of U. It is as much a portrait of the ultra-fundamentalist patriarchs Bob Jones Sr., Jr., and III as of their institution. See all Product description Having escaped from Bob Jones University (i.e., graduated with honors,no less), I was traumatized for many years.They insist on total separation from almost all other Christians, including Jerry Falwell and former student Billy Graham, both of whom collaborate with Mormons and conservative Catholics. About 15 years after I graduated, I wrote an article entitled " Evangelical Totalitarianism: Depart From Me." Dalhouse describes the milieu of BJU rather well; this is an intelligent and well researched book.Would we not be embarrassed if they, with their philosophies, spoke well of us?The great divide is between our biblical world view and their humanistic world view."Regarding interracial dating and interracial marriage: "Students of all races attend here and live in racial harmony and respect for one another as Christians. For there to be discrimination, one race would have to be treated differently from the other."More on interracial couples: "Is there a Bible verse or passage that teaches against interracial marriage? Is there a Bible principle upon which the University's interracial dating stance is founded? The one-world principle--every effort man has made, or will make, to bring the world together in unity--plays into the hand of Antichrist.Thanks.*Please do not turn this thread into a Soapboxish Topic or start a flame war. It also gets a regular amount of bad press for being a conservative christian school--it bans, among other things, interracial dating. Wouldn't that be, perhaps, a larger determining factor in deciding to go there? Does one get to date any member of one's racial mixture, or only others with the same racial mixture?

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