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If you want a long term lease, which is 30 months, you need someone to guarantee your rent if you want to live in Rio.

The process to do so has had some huge challenges but in the end enormous rewards.

As part of my ongoing series about expats who figured out how to live abroad I wanted to hear more.

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Temer, the vice president of Brazil, complained that Dilma Rousseff had excluded him from government decisions and treated him like nothing more than a “decorative vice president.” The note was leaked and published online by several newspapers, and the denizens of the Internet quickly worked their magic, producing memes depicting Temer as a Christmas decoration.

Fast-forward six months and Temer is the interim president of Brazil, put in office as the country’s legislature decides whether to impeach Rousseff, the leader of the center-left Workers Party (PT), over allegations she manipulated economic data ahead of her re-election.

Here are the 14 things Lauren shared with me about living in Brazil.

#1 Brazil is not the place to go to save money According to Lauren, “Brazil has gotten very expensive in the last few years.

The reshuffling has cut the number of cabinet posts from 31 to 22, and unseated four female cabinet ministers, one of whom was the only Afro-Brazilian minister in the government, according to the AP.

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