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"We had to shoot food and instructional scenes really close-up, because the counters were so reflective—they showed everything," she says.Lemieux replaced them with a cork surface and made sure all of the paint finishes were matte, so there would be zero glare on camera.Imagine what it would feel like to hit "Go Live" with confidence.

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This post is intended for those just starting out in photography and those looking to upgrade from their intro cameras.

I do not keep up with all the latest technology and newest camera models. I’m the least technical person…so you will not find any technical reviews of the products in this post.

Their primary use is to completely close off the downstream portion of a pipeline in a safe way.

They are frequently found in the Petrochemical, Steel, Pulp and Paper, Maritime and Oil & Refinery industries.

That's why Nerdy Nummies star Rosanna Pansino called on designer Christiane Lemieux to overhaul the entire room, creating an oasis where treats like Super Mario Bob-omb truffles and Captain America ice cream sandwiches don't have to compete for attention with their surroundings.

Pansino's old kitchen had shiny granite countertops, which made filming a hassle.

Line Blind Valve - Cam-Set, Photo: ©Schu F A Line Blind Valve is permanently installed into a pipeline.

The valve´s internal cam-mechanism allows to change the plate from open to closed position within a minute.

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  1. As reported by Billboard, The Voice judge will be receiving his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2016 among other honourees like Bruno Mars, LL Cool J as well as Time After Time songstress Cyndi Lauper.

  2. Chains are a collection of short videos created by you, your friends, and all the other people on oo Voo.

  3. A couple kisses on the Pont des Arts, on February 14, 2011 in Paris, during the Valentine’s day, traditionnaly the annual celebration of love.

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