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Salary Jennifer could pull in anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000 depending on the venue she played at, usually tennis open championships pay the stars pretty well and that has been great for this diva.

House Jennifer has a home in Florida that was estimated to be worth nearly $2.2 Million back in 2010, it’s a simple yet elegant estate that looks more like a sports resort than a residence of a tennis star.

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Jennifer Capriati net worth: Jennifer Capriati is a former American tennis player who has a net worth of $10 million.

Jennifer Capriati was born in March of 1976 and is best known for her career as a professional tennis player.

Un triángulo amoroso de la vida real, un nuevo romance, y a veces hasta la ruptura de una pareja que nos parecía más bien `dispareja´, son noticias que inmediatamente llaman nuestra atención, especialmente si se trata de famosos, cuyas vidas imaginamos siempre punto menos que perfectas.

Es por eso que la llamada `prensa rosa´, que se ocupa precisamente de esos asuntos, es tan popular y exitosa.

Just 11 months into her start she reached her first finals in a pro tournament, which took place in 1990.

Though she lost that appearance, she again made it to finals at an international pro tournament where she earned the title of the youngest female to make it into the top 10. In the first three years of her career, Capriati earned herself six titles within singles tennis tournaments, including a gold medal at the Summer Barcelona Olympics in 1992.

It’s a fact that the greatest professionals ever in sports always started young and Jennifer was playing this game ever since she was a child, thanks to her parents who nudged her to the sports she became a sports person who would go on to conquer the coveted no 1 spot.

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