bitdefender still says expired after updating - Cell validating c

Note that only the Cell Validating event can keep the editor active,when the validation fails and it does not allow the user to exit the cell until a valid value is filled.However, pressing the Esc key in this situation will revert the initial value of the cell and it will close the editor. The Row Validating event has a slightly different behavior.As-is, it seems like you're asking someone to just write your code for you.

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One last thing - I would prefer that the balloon tool tip would point up, like the tool tip that is shown when you insert illegal character while trying to rename a file. Consider splitting this up into separate questions.

It seems that the default balloon tool tip points down, how can I change it? Also, include your own attempted solutions (including code) so others can see what you've done and possibly reproduce it.

provides a convenient way to realize data validation before it is committed to the underlying data source.

SOLUTION To achieve data validation prior the row is committed, you can handle the Cell Validating event, which is raised by the control when the current cell changes or when it goes out of edit mode.

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I have a datagridview in my form and I would like to perform validation for a row each time the user enters a value to some cell.

I've tried to use Row Validating event but it has some issues after setting e.

When the validation fails, the editor is closed, but the user cannot change the current row in the grid until a valid cell value is entered.

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