Cemal hunal dating

Nice one, I was searching for a simple romantic comedy, plus it is not Hollywood and I really liked Turkey before Erdogan ...

Not a comedy, but also not a melodrama and even if somehow amateurish (some camera, some plot turns like the forced break up) and too pretentious at times (some frames, the inner voices), it stands by the straight sincere story and the normal characters.

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Ada, 20'li yaslarinin sonlarinda, güzel, çocuk kostümleri tasarlayip diken, mütevazi, hayatta fazla inis çikislari olmayan genç bir kadindir.

Bir gün eski bir kitabi bulabilmek için Beyoglu'nda dolasirken, Alper'le ayni kitapçiya girer.

In the meantime Dogan and Sahin are constantly caught in arguments with each other and they end up deviating from their position of duty.

The consequences of this mistake end up being very vital for them.

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They both plead for mercy and ask for one more chance from Aksemsettin the wise man and scholar of Islam. Cast: Ismail HACIOGLU, Vildan ATASEVER, Osman WOBER, Tuncer SALMAN, Gulcin SANTIRCIOGLU, Toprak SAGLAM, Pelin AKIL, Bertan CEYLAN, Mazhar ALANSON, Cemal HUNAL Produced By: Ozkan IPEK, Inci GULEN, Sevda KAYGISIZ Directed By: Mustafa Sevki DOGAN TX Date: 2013 We’re pleased to announce that MISTCO has been appointed as an exclusive sales agent by Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) for selected TV Series, Mini Series and Movies from its library such as Resurrection, Filinta and Seddulbahir 32 Hours.

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