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I do 200 lengths every swimming session and it does not slip or let in water up your nose, if anything it can be a bit tight but it can be adjusted for comfort, what I've found usefull about it is it sticks to your skin which stops it slipping around or coming off. Before I review this nose clip, I will say, to be fair to Speedo, I *do* have a wonky misaligned nose, so taking that into consideration, I am really happy with this clip.

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The construction, maintenance and ongoing expansion of the Network is a colloboration between each and every camera host and Ben Quinn (Network owner and manager).

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Be sure to remove oils from your nose before use to ensure a secure grip i.e. Works great I have a giant conch and these clips work great. Excellent clip, used plastic ones before and after a while they break or slip of your nose and get lost in the pool.

A bit of adjustment and they are comfortable enough for me to use without any problems for 30-40 mins or so, after that they do get a little uncomfortable. This one adjusts to your nose size properly and doesn't pinch. Its ok, bit tight on the nose, but I won't be using it while swimming.

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I purchased because I found trying to keep my head above the water was starting to cause my neck to ache, and this has stopped that problem!


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