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TRANSLATION OF VYAYAHARAMAYUEHA other works of the Author I The Sahltyadarp«.uft, ol (Pancched M I IT nnd \ Arthalahta TMi ) ^th an Introduo Vion Bs Wtire Note* Appcnaices *03 Hteiory of Samkrit Poetics and tort of the whole work i Zup Mi Sw 2. ) With Notes and Introduction ( Ou X of pmnndic PB Price Hupeee Sir nn-f dnnai Ei^ht 8 The Dbarmasutra of Sankha and Likhi U ( rueonstmeted ) Price Puj Me One 9 The Vyavabaramay Skha of Nllskau^hai with an Inlrodtw tio D exbnnativo Notes and Piovrrftl Appendic-'-i Price Rupees Ten (To bo liad from Bhaodtrkftt Institute, Poona ). M.-., Aihi ' ll)r)i i 2, 210;f 2, 220;i 3 Eabi V Goviud 97? ; 3, 99» Eajoppa ^ Gaugnppa l G4i 1, 1G5 h E amnngauda v Shiva]i 127n 1. Vide notes to V M IT In a w U bn wn Ter*" a-rtral means In arrl Ting at the correel porport of a pa«a-a are Ia H down ail «|atrarta (opmlng arords ) and a/dia AKVa ( eonclndlop wor UJ abhyirt { «lt stl Mi) opffr T«|3 pbola orfhsclds and «f dpofff Sjlsbanjha h pi r IW on the flrit o an* ( npaimraa ). Vide notes to V AI pp 101--107 for detailed explanation Tho sapmdlkarnna of a docoasod person IS alwa% s made with reference to lus three immediato paternal 'aneestors If a jicrson dies in the natural father’s or adoptive father's familj of the datlaln and ho has to perform the 'iapindllarana of that man then ho ( the dattaka ) should associate lho dccensod avith tho latter’s three ancestors If tho datlnla is himsolf dead, his sapmdlkarana has to bo performed by his son with tho three ancestors of tho dattaka, father, grandfather and great grandfather But ho had two fathers ( natural and adoptive ) So in tho plnco of the father of the dattaka, two names ( of tho natural and adoptive fathers ) aro to bo repoated w’hon offering tho pinda for tho fathor-of tho dattaka If the grandson of the dattaka has to perform tho sapindana of his own father ( i c of tho son of the dattaka ), thon tho dattaka will bo the father of tho deceased and tho grandfather of the deceased would bo tho natural and adoptive fathers of tho da/fnin Nllakanfba says that it is only tho natural father of tho dattaka whoso name is to bo taken ns tho grandfather { when the deceased is the son of tho dattaka) YTion it is tho great-grand son of tho dattaka who has to perform the sapindana of his deceased father ( i o of tho grandson of tho dattaka ), tho father of tho deceased is tho son of tho dattaka, tho gmndfathor is tho dattaka himsolf and tho natural and adoptive fathers of tho dattaka occupy tho place of great-grandfather Tho question 18 whether in tho sapindana of tho grandson of tho dattaka by the great- grandson, both names aro to be repoated with reforonoo to tho pinda for the great-grandfather The answer is that thoro is an option, viz. GO Ln-p, 61 L 23 of tho dattalca ) vnth two (natoral and adoptive fathere) while the grand Bonfl of them ( of the dattaha and the rest ) sbonld perform ( the oapn^ kara^ of their father the aon of the dattaka ) together with one ( i e the dattaka ) As regards the foorth generation ( i e the great-grand eon of tho dattahi ) there is an option.

Balkrishua 164n 1, l G5a, „ V Sitabui 162a Samalbbai v Somesb'wara 78a 6. a plfr and shares the nescxlesalont; with tho ancetlort The son d the l«4Jla da/falo, according to Ntlakaptha la looflot lo the pirmpa Ac, pipdas to hlr father the adopted man to the s Aop W alone ( as his Rrandfather ) and to the adopters f th*r bnt not to the natnral titber { of the adopter ) and the latter*# /of her Rlmllsrly the grsni3«n d the lfrdfoj Ja/|a?

Y«tikmtm Sobba Kao T Panthottam 103 n Venku y ifalnillntp. The ckoddi ^ Is perlonncd tor a alncle p CTsem Baplndlkarnia Is a rite performed tor a deceased yemo D at the end d n year trom death or on the Hth day Irora doath whecehy trom being a pre/n be is raised to the pc Nltkm o!

Eancbod v Ajoobai 192u 2 Eanganayakamma v Alwar Sotti 110a 2 Eangasami v Nacbmppa ISlii 2 Eangubai v Bbagirtbibai ll Ga 2. Satyabhama v Keshavacharya 153 m 2 Saudamini v Administrator-General of Bengal 177 m Saundanappa v Shivbasawa 193 m 1 and 2. Sn Eajab Venkata Narasimba v Sri Eajah Eangajya 121 m 2 Sn Sncbandramala V Bn Muktamala 110 m 2 Srimati Uma Doyi v Gokoolanund 120 nl Suba Singh v Sarfraz 159 it, Subramania v Eanganathan 1G4 m 1 Suklal V Bapu 211 nl Sundaram v Eamsamia 190 n, 191 m 1. Shoo Prashad 216 Ml, Tara v Krishna 155 m2, 183 n Tara v Nana 103 m 2 Totawa v Basawa 155 m3, 184 m 3 Tnkaram v Babaji 107 m6, 111 m 2 Tukaram v Dinkar 99 n Tnkaram v Narayan 84 nl, 176 m1, 188 m1, 191 Ml Tukarambhat v Gangaram 207 m2 Tukaram Mahadu v Eamchandra 116 m 4, Tuljaram v Mathuradas 160 m T ulshi Earn v Behan Lai 116 m6 Udaram v Eanu 216 m 4 Umabai v Bhavu 192 m. thoaf;h the Utter alao U In a way a g Tcat-t Tondfather 1 Thl pnaaapi Is Ttrlooily read by l Uradatta. WTvn o Perl Dg or# rtnla,thod T7lmnay Iyapasnulolnterd It both for tho Rirer and the adopter who* n «ra he war to repeat, the second for th# tath r of tha glrer and of the adopter and sn nn. 25-2G n M p 0011.21-32 J ADOPTIOM 126 If an aitraea pon bo boin, (ho ( otboi kinclt; of ) sons take Ibo foinfch sbaro, ])io\J(lc(l (hcj bolonc; lo (1)0 saino cn'^lc | bnl- lliosc ( soconclniy sons ) \\lio do not belong to (bo saino cnslc ( as tbnb of Lhcii fafchor ) aro cnlitlcd to food and raiment ( alone ) The lending of the Kalpatnru is ‘ take (bo thud sbaro Viinunc- s'^\nia tiavs ^ llmt * sixvarndh ( m (be iciso of Ka Ljajana ) moans ' tho Isctraja, the daiiala and the like When both ( Lho adopter and tho givci of tiio dvjaimisjujana ) have no ( ollioi ) son, bo ( (be dvyivmnsyu' 5 ana ) should perform a single s'ruddha onlv for both ( gi\oi and adopter ) in the manner alreadj doehrod above in (ho woids ' in one and the same s nlddha Ac ' As to%\ha( Karsnajini ( quoted ) in ncmadii says ^ 'Whoever may bo (ho members belonging (o the lospootivo families of the fathois (natural and adoptive ), (ho adopted sons and the lest should pcrfoim thoii conjunction ( sapindiha') ana ) on their death with tho pit ) 8 in the lespcctuo families ( of birth oi adoption ) Tho sons of them ( of tho dattaka and tho rest ) should porfoim ( tlio sapindikaiana 1, The Mit on Ynj II 132 goc R this explanation of i Oi arn?!

Sambashivam Pillai v Secretary of State for India l G7n 2 Samudrala Varaha v Samudrala Venkata IGSa 6 Sangangauda v Hanmantagauda 118ii 1 Sanjivi V Jalajakshi l OSu 2 Sankara v Kaabinatb 159)i Sant Baksba Singh v Bbagwan 117 m S ardar Singb v Kunj Bihan 162 m 1. Sidappa \ Ningangauda 118 m 1 bidnmappa Ncolavabai 1G2m Sitabai \ Vasantrao 183n Sitaram % Ganpat 99m Somnsundaram v Vaithilinga 193 m 2 Soundarnrajnn V Arunachalam 8Gm 2 Sri Balusu Qurulingnswami v Sri Balusu Eamalaksbmamma 111 m 4 Srimati Uma Doyi v Gokoolanund 120 m 1. La o Bcrs plndas to hi# lather ( aon o( tho man adopted) his grandlst Scr Itho man adopted), and to his great^rrandfa Uui T ( the person adopting ) hot r t to th natnnl father of l Uo man adopted.

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Om dlrlsloa It Into f Crtann and ef^oddi*t^ s'Tlildh^ it one that It ofltred on a pamr« L o. It U pcttiwined with spr^Ul rtpi Td to th»a paternal aneratora with whom am a^sao Utrd tho wire* ol lha three jntenni ancestors and the throe male ancestors ol one a mother and thelc wires aim am Inrohed In this s riddha.


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