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I work with a lot of kids who enjoy competition, so I try to mobilize that healthy character trait in motivating them to control their ADD. Remember that coaching doesn't always involve the Coaching Cards. Large groups of children act as triggering stimuli and can undermine learning.

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They have also told me that they use the Coaching Cards as guidance curriculum.

Yes, that is very consistent with the experience of most ADD children.

The vet asked for the cat's body...because a university was interested in what made the cat behave the way it did..I guess wanted to study it.

Not that your cat is like this one's just an experience that I know about. Maybe ignore her behavior, or like someone else older cat that won't put up with her behavior, and might teach her some manners.

On this podcast episode Tara and Kerri will be discussing some important issues related to Clutter, Frustration and Stress with Adult ADD / ADHD..

Learn more about Kerri at : Learn more about Kerr’s book “What Your Clutter Is Trying to Tell You: Uncover the Message in the…

She has all the tows she could need and tons of room to run and lots of love. I got her to like being held and have done everything for her.

She has all the tows she could need and tons of room to run and lots of love. If I pick her up she bites me and then when I say no and put her down, she staires st me like she is listening then lunge at my leg grabbing it and biting it. I have tried firmly saying NO, blowing in her face when she bites and also a spay bottle when she attacks. My sister had a cat that was diagnosed as 'chemically imbalanced.' She spent 3 years with vets and different medications to help the cat.

The less potential disruptions the greater the on-task behavior.

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