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I did some price research online and the cheapest site I can get the model I am after (Comfort Craftsmen) is $285. I think they still have the sale every 3 months, they won't tell you when the next sale is so I asked how often they have it and when the last one was ;) I got the replaceable leather sole boots, they can be slippery on some surfaces and you can feel the cold through the soles when it's icy weather.

I have still have a pair that I bought 25 years that are still wearable, elastic sides need fixing, been soled and heeled twice... I got mine from Ray's outdoors 20 odd years ago during a 25% off sale.

They settle in to the expat life and start soaking up the experience. There's the endless visa dance, problems getting paid, a very different culture to adapt to.

More worryingly, there are issues with pollution and food safety.

And Are there any other places that sells them besides the R M Williams Retail stores (preferably in Sydney)?

Anyway, I want to get one but I don't know where is the best/ cheapest place to get them from.

We try to present a balanced view of what living in China is really like and help you find that job.

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Well worth the money, best pair of boots I ever owned. I have a pair of 6 inch 875 for 0 a few years ago but its cheaper now with the exchange rate.

Just remember, as others have mentioned, if you get the leather sole they are slippery, you can scuff them up so they arent as slippery as well. My personal opinion is that its overpriced but that is not the issue as I would pay if I liked the style but sadly most if not all are elastic styled which is not my thing. Heres its pull-on range, heaps of other range on the website R M Williams have a seconds shop on frost road Salisbury sth aust, they sell seconds from most of their product lines, not sure but i think they will send them to you if you phone order. Williams Factory Shop Address – 121 Frost Road, Salisbury, 5108 Telephone – 08 8259 1090 Facsimile – 08 8281 5388 I'm a big fan of RM Williams boots.

The K'ai Yuan coin was introduced by Chinese Emperor Kao Tsu, who founded the Tang Dyansty in 618AD.

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