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This ignorance about young people with chronic illness has other consequences.

Several young people have told me that they’ve been openly challenged when they park in a disabled spot, even though they have the required placard or sticker.

The break-up and divorce rate among couples where one person has a chronic illness is higher than the national average. Many couples have managed to weather the difficulties that illness brings.

Posted: , Author: Abojo The study was published recently in the Journal of Women's Health.

I hear from young people almost every day who've read my books or articles and write to me about their day-to-day challenges.

For many of them, at the top of the list of those challenges is the fact that other people simply don’t believe that a young person could possibly suffer from a condition that might be chronic.

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Unfortunately, dating is not possible with the way things currently are with my health and barely able to function etc. However I understand maybe you do not want to post it here, but for me, it would depend what it is , and what is the real issue !

I'm expected to be like this for a least another year or so maybe longer, maybe even life. How am I suppose to find someone and be happy like everyone else. I really have no solution and believe me when I say nobody want to date someone who's this sick, I've tried. As ill as the illness makes me it can't be hidden most the time either?? This doesn't really tell anyone what you are dealing with can anyone help, or answer????

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