Consolidating elementary schools Sxe cams

Arguments for consolidation, which merges schools or districts and centralizes their management, rest primarily on two presumed benefits: (1) fiscal efficiency and (2) higher educational quality.

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CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield Area School District Board of Directors deliberated the future configuration of its elementary buildings Monday night after hearing Superintendent Dr. Otto’s recommendation to consolidate them and the Clearfield Middle School and move kindergarten through grades six into an expanded and renovated Clearfield Elementary School.

Superintendent’s Recommendation Otto proposed the board pursue plans for closing the middle school as well as the Bradford Township, Centre and Girard-Goshen elementary schools after the renovation and expansion of the CES.

Even after all that, Polito told the crowd, the district was facing a $10 million budget shortfall.“If we don’t take action to balance our budget this year, we run the real risk of running out cash in May or June of 2018, which means we’re not going to be able to pay our vendors and we’re not going to be able to pay our employees,” he said.

The consolidation plan still leaves at least another $4 million to cut.

President Trump pledged sweeping political and economic changes during the campaign.

We have no idea if Trump can deliver on those promises, but we can explore what it’s going to take for him to try. Here’s how bad things had become for the chronically broken public school system in Erie, Pennsylvania: Earlier this year, Superintendent Jay Badams floated a proposal to close the city’s high schools — all four of them — and pay tuition to send kids to better-funded schools in the surrounding county.Consolidating or reorganizing schools not only saves money on expensive but under-used space, it allows school boards to reinvest those savings into an improved classroom experience for all students.To help learn from past school consolidations, the ministry conducted four case studies in school boards where consolidations recently took place.He said it would cost approximately million to expand and renovate the CES.He said with the high school project included, it would cost an estimated million to renovate the district’s school buildings.Research also suggests that impoverished regions in particular often benefit from smaller schools and districts, and they can suffer irreversible damage if consolidation occurs.


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