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The magazine, which since the mid-sixties has glorified guilt-free promiscuity, is the antithesis of the values held by men and women who save sex for marriage.

Nevertheless, Cosmopolitan's over three million readers got something unexpected last week: an article on Cosmo's website featuring three single, dating women who practice abstinence.

Now, even though the magazine does not make any upfront claims that the advice it gives will get you married or engender you as a feminine creature in anyone’s eyes, but it does seem to be promoted as some form of authority on sex and dating.

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Our instinct to seek the well-being of others is probably why we are okay with selflessly allowing another human being to share our body with us for nine months.

NEW YORK CITY, March 18, 2016 (Life Site News) – Cosmo and abstinence make strange bedfellows.

The blatant fornication-promoting magazine quoted three women in their early 20s who are waiting until marriage to have sex.

The feature was unexpectedly honest, simply quoting the women who value their virtue.

These days it's OK to act young when you’re old.

We have the freedom to choose what lifestyle we want."Although the majority of us still follow the tradition of getting married, buying a house and having kids by a certain age, more and more are choosing alternatives.A quick Google search on the subject reveals countless blogs and advice features detailing how to master the art of the perfect bio, the pitfalls you should avoid (hello, cliched phrases) and militant posing strategies for getting the best out of your photos.Clearly, we’re all confused when it comes to getting it right on dating apps.First of all, let me start by defining what I mean by and sensitivity. I think that gentleness, empathy and sensitivity comes from the female biological quality of giving birth.We produce children whom we become bonded to emotionally."Guys don't necessarily treat me much differently." Sara said, "The nicest thing a guy's ever said to me when I told him I was waiting was, ' Your commitment to waiting just makes you that much more attractive to me.' The worst thing was ' I don't know how you do that.'" "Madeline," also 22, told Cosmo, "My faith teaches me that sex is a deeply spiritual act and a symbol of intimacy with God.

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