Datagridview not updating

"Forces the control to invalidate its client area and immediately redraw itself and any child controls." Control.Refresh Method Observablecollection : Represents a dynamic data collection that provides notifications when items get added, removed, or when the whole list is refreshed.

ID) ' Get member id Dim user Id As Integer user Id = Data Grid View1. However, if it does work without that, great :)Public Sub Refresh Data() d Table. Data Source = dt Data 'To fix the DGV not refreshing properly after the 1st time, switch the sort order dgv BHL.

The membres table is an access table I'm running the app in visual 2010 debug mode.

By using typeof(List) it should maintain the column structure during the refresh.

I would personally use Auto Generate Columns = false; and create the columns on the first pass of the refresh.

Binding the source didn't work for me and Datagridview doesn't have "Main View" variable.

A Data Grid View sets up bindings the first time you assign the Data Source.

The problem I am having is that I have some functions that will build a new Data Table object which is separate from the original which needs to replace the original Data Table that is bound to the Data Grid View.

source Table = new Data Table("New Table"); // If the structure of `Original Table` and `New Table` are the same, then do this: source.

Reset Bindings(false); // If the structure of `Original Table` and `New Table` are different, then do this: source.

Reset Bindinds(true); Kinda old topic, but since it bugged me, I decided to share my experience...

When I add a row to my Data Table, my Data Grid View does not update, until I switch to the other control, and move back to the one with DGV.


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