Dating a former rape victim

Three ex-teammates still face charges in the case, including Jaborian (Tip) Mc Kenzie, who depicted Vandenburg as the ringleader who “made sure he was in control” of the assault.

Ex-Vanderbilt athletes found guilty of rape Mc Kenzie testified Vandenberg handed out condoms before the trio raped the woman, whom Vandenburg was dating.

This was her routine by the time she she swiped right on Jim (whose named has been changed). He initiated the conversation, which didn't start with 'creepy sexual innuendo' or cheesy lines, and she liked what she saw in his pictures.

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Vanderbilt rapist Cory Batey: ‘I was drunk out of my mind’ Mc Kenzie expressed remorse for following Vandenburg’s twisted plan, saying he was “ashamed, embarrassed of what happened that night." “I’m sorry I let it happen,” he said Thursday inside the Nashville courtroom, according to News Channel 5. A mistrial was declared last year after it was revealed that a jury member had not disclosed he was a victim of sexual assault.

His co-defendant, Cory Batey, was convicted in April.

She went on a few dates, and even devised a 'pretty standard formula' for meeting guys in person.

For a first date, they'd come to her place and do some sort of activity — nothing too formal, but something that made it clear that she wasn't in it for casual sex.

In the days after a 20-year-old former Stanford University student received his jail sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on the school’s campus, two letters related to the case and made public have been widely read: one by the victim, and one by the offender’s father.

The victim’s letter was published in full by on Friday, a day after the 23-year-old woman, who has chosen to stay anonymous, read it aloud to Brock Allen Turner during his sentencing hearing.

The letter was praised for its “powerful” message that encouraged sexual-assault victims to seek justice against their attackers.

It also immediately sparked outrage on social media and elsewhere because of the sentence Turner received for the crimes it described: six months in county jail and three years of probation.

“It is our sincere hope that today’s verdict strongly sends the message to victims and to perpetrators that sexual assault will not be tolerated in our communities.” Mc Kenzie’s two-day testimony capped off the state’s high-profile case against Vandenburg, the second former Vanderbilt football player to be tried in the woman’s June 2013 gang rape.

On Thursday, Mc Kenzie said that Vandenburg was “amped and aggressive and bossy” on the night of the assault and that he even slapped the unconscious woman to prove to his teammates that she wouldn’t wake up while they attacked her.

Former Vanderbilt football player Brandon Vandenburg was convicted Saturday night in the 2013 gang rape of an unconscious woman in a dorm room.


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