Dating a gibson bass

This is an excerpt from an article appearing in this month's magazine, with a complete list of serial numbers we were unable to include for space reasons at the end.To read the complete article, pick up a copy of Guitarist issue 330 at your local newsagent now.

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no idea where I read this - might be wrong in the details.......

If you tell me a number I can give you a year Sorry got not information on the numbering scheme of current Hagstroms each number has a three digit batch number from 449 (1958-59) up to 999 (1977) and then starting at 001 again, followed by another 3 digits which number the instruments within the batch so 670056 will be the 56th instrument from batch 670 Hi I have an old Hagstrom 6 string H45 or J45 accoustic (not sure which - sorry this is on a bass guitar forum - but its the only one I found where anyone asked a question about s/n and age) that I bought secondhand in 1969 in London, s/n 57563.

However, ever since the return of ‘Unplugged ‘sessions these babies have become popular once again and highly sought after!

This guitar is all original and in great shape, Single super powerful neck humbucker with treble cut switch, One piece mahogany neck, Maple body, Lots of lovely flame in the top and back, Dot inlays, Crown headstock inlay, Vintage sunburst, Rich brown back and sides, Gold skirted knobs, Wear and minor dings but very nice condition and a super playing bass.

This effort continues for Fender copies and Ricky & Gretsch copies.

Additionally, Tokai has begun placing serial numbers on their Korean Made instruments (which begin with a letter) so hopefully we'll be able to make headway there as well.

I read recently that the first two numbers are the year, but this seems wrong to me at least sometimes. is a a statement about goya made hagstrom from 1959-61 on this page: following site is running a registry so you might be able to match your serial with a time period..deduce a coding system...

tia WAB There are a lot of Hagstrom resources available but I must confess it is difficult to find a statement about dating: see links at the top of this page for more...

This section is the basis of the site and so far it seems to be working!

By creating a database to store facts about Tokai guitars, we have been able to thus far break the serial number dating code for Gibson copies.

A lower price made it popular in mid-sixties beat group-era Britain, but a subsequent shift in fashion and playing styles saw sales suffer and ES-330TD production ceased in 1972.

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