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You also enjoy plenty of freedom in love so youll need a lover who can respect your space.

With Sagittarius in your 5th house youll enjoy dating people from all walks of life, often attracting lovers who have a background very different from your own.

Capricorn, on the contrary, is considerably more cautious about starting a relationship, but once he or she makes a commitment, it is a lasting and serious one.

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Little is ever talked about Cusp Signs in Astrology so here I'll post what I learn as well as sharing notable folks with Cusp birthdays! *Note: I am not an astrologer, if you'd like to find out for sure if you...

If Sagittarius is the sign on the cusp of your 5th house then love, sex and dating will be a fiery adventure!

He is more of an adventurous individual who loves discovering new things in life.

He loves discovering people as well and always finds his way to know their deepest secrets.

If there was ever a sign willing to take a chance on love its you - Sagittarius in the 5th house will bring extraordinary faith and optimism when it comes to giving love and sex. A sexual relationship might have a sporty feel with Sagittarius in your 5th house.

You can expect plenty of romping and playful fighting in the bedroom since you love to be physically active with your lover in a variety of ways.

Its diameter is a half degree, and it moves about a degree per day, so for about a day every month, it will partly be in the previous sign and partly in the next.

If you were born when this was happening, you were born on the cusp.

However, the cusp can be anywhere between the last 5 days of one star sign, and the first 5 days of another.

The only way to know for certain is to have an astrologer look into your date, time and location of birth.

When any planet is on a line, it is considered to be on a cusp, but the Sun's cusps and those of the ascendant are most dramatic in their effects.


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