Dating a small town girl dating in xiamen china

So here are the reasons to date the small town girl…1.She appreciates the small things She’s the type of girl to look up at the sky and appreciate the stars.

I waited in the lounge at the airport doing my best to concentrate on the sentences I was scanning in my book. I was too excited, and nervous, and anxious all at the same time.

We had been speaking over text and phone calls for over a month now and met through a mutual friend.

We hail from a bog standard, sort-of-boring British town with a hell of a lot of roundabouts, charity shops, hairdressers and estate agents, and not a lot else. When we take you to meet our hometown, don't expect much - but DO say you like it. People having affairs, or the controversial council plans to build an Aldi or Lidl was the number one gossip in our town. Our wardrobe and style was seriously limited before you met us - so please don't judge our provincial ways. Don't visit expecting grand architecture - most of our town consists of cul-de-sacs, estates of 1970s semis or rows of identikit houses. We probably have a bit of niche town trivia up our sleeve we like to wheel out on occasion, maybe when nervous on a date.

We're aware of how crap our endz are, but we love it deep down, and will defend it to the grave (after dissing it to everyone within a 2 mile radius). We won't be able to relate to your fun tales of growing up in a big city, or your idyllic country upbringing. Growing up, MSN, bingeing on Pic and Mix at Woolies and mooching around naff British High Streets was all we had during the summer holidays. Our teenage habitat was the park (aka a bit of mud with broken swings on it), round the shopping centre (mostly boarded up now) or by the clock tower (either drinking Budgens cider or Mc Donalds milkshakes). Local news is an absolute treat, and outrage and scandal was caused by little.

” or “I wonder if they will have a welcoming parade for you.” I got it – this area wasnʼt exactly in my comfort zone, but I was excited about meeting him.

I got off the plane and dashed to the washroom to freshen up.

But is she more of a pro girl these days or college football all the way? We learned to drive one of them pretty much as soon as we could reach the pedals, so we’re pretty used to being in control.

If you’re not asking her opinion on anything more than nachos vs. If you’re stuck in a ditch, not sure how to parallel park, or wondering how to back out of that long drive way, move over. We can dress up when we want to and look damn good too.

When I lived in Seattle, I dated two women who lived a bit over an hour out in smaller cities. We both had to kind of adapt to one anothers' sensibilities; I think it was easier for me because I did spend a lot of my childhood in small towns and military bases.

One of my grandfathers was a rancher and my dad grew up on farms in the South and then Idaho, so I got my first rifle when I was 9, and when we went to visit the grandparents, I was allowed to drive when I was 11-12 since that's just what kids did out there.

It was an early flight and I had been awake since 4am.

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