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Kurt Thanks for moving this to the torsion clocks forum.

Thanks in advance, Rob Hello Rob, I do not know if this is the difference or not, but my -8 has the tab at the top of the front glass to aid in the glass removal; I looked at a bunch of pictures of -8 and -6.

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It was an extravagance that I think I railroaded Irene into- but each time it bongs out the hour it makes me happy.

I sort of assumed that would be my one and only foray into mechanical clock ownership- that was, until I started exploring e Bay looking for various oddities and knick-knacks to decorate my office.

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” In this post I’ll try to answer that question I have had a fascination with old timepieces since I disassembled an old pocketwatch from my Dad’s collection- I was about five or six at the time, and of course totally destroyed the watch.

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