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BTW: I wasn't expecting this game to have a source H-Game since it seems to be original artwork, but I stumbled across the characters while browsing for something else.

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Although I dislike (for a number of reasons) the way Tony turned his site into a pay site, I have to commend him on his ability to organize this kind of material into a well-structured, easy-to-follow format.

It would have been tough to collect the raw base of materials for the core of the site without the initial effort he put forth.

Once at least 95% of this guide has been enhanced/revamped (time estimate: end of February in 2001), the [] icons will be removed. Nice guys vs jerks – the key difference between the two explained. let's see now…The rules with your wingman – if you approach girls together with a friend / wingman, make sure you agree on the rules. Talking to her = echoing her – a stripped down version of Trance words and Eliciting values.

The 3 seconds rule – THE most important rule for Pick-up Artists. Good traits to have – or develop, to be a successful player. On confidence – and getting started with approaching girls. – don't think twice, don't look back, just have fun! Fluff talk – the essential skill of talking about nothing, and how to evolve from that. Reading body language – its like reading people's thoughts, it'll blow you away:)Mirroring – the Jedi mind tricks of body-language explained.

Sections marked with a [] icon have either had their text significantly modified from the original “Tony's How to Lay Girls Guide” or have been properly attributed.

Sections not marked as such have not had their text modified significantly (beyond the technical enhancements like search, acronym pop-ups, and integrated forum). Just say “Hi” – then continue with one of the two tactics described in the article. How to initiate a conversation – here's your back-up, in case your primary parashoot doesn't open.

In addition to that, when she does remember which body part is which she'll likely say that you didn't do it right. I'm not sure if it's the bad translation or if the creators are just horrible people, but the questions and answers for this are ridiculous, and often totally wrong. And physical activity CAN increase libido for some.

Also, no matter what I can't seem to do the rhythm minigame right. It increased adrenaline which in turn can increase libido. I would suggest a redo of the game with more straightforward questions (such as the effectiveness of condoms) and other improvements other commentators have suggested.

getting laid more often by better women) and that's the better strategy: improve your own seduction game.

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense, so use some of the same tricks that women are so fond of playing on you: For example...

This means that In other words, they focus on minimizing the number of seduction attempts and therefore chances to be rejected.


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