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Slow Faders think this is a kinder, gentler way of backing out of your life. Here’s how their passive little plan usually goes down.

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However, if one person expresses interest in getting together again, I think proper dating etiquette is to clearly communicate that you are no longer interested.

If you’re not feeling it, it’s important to just be clear with the other person.

First, let me just say that daters who gradually extricate themselves from a romantic interest’s life by doing what’s known as the “Slow Fade” get a bad rap.

They’re often called selfish insensitive jerks, but more often than not, they hate disappointing people and don’t realize they’re being cowardly and confusing. To understand this classic breakup maneuver, it’s important to distinguish what the Slow Fade is not.

If you want to know what being blown off An important note.

As I expressed in the video, sometimes being ignored is personal.

You make up reasons for him to contact you and still no response. What seemed like weeks was really only a few days, but nonetheless, it felt like forever. He goes on & on about his stuff and apologizes for blowing you off. He says “you’re the most honest, trustworthy, loving, giving, beautiful soul, he has ever known.” You’re not very demanding and you’re a really easy girlfriend. Before a relationship gets on really solid footing, there’s going to be some bumps and maybe even a few storms.

This is a common occurrence, in fact all too common.

) or text message — there are more ways than ever to reach out, and to be ignored.


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