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writer is feminist, liberal, foul-mouthed, and cosmopolitan.At 50 years old, she has a successful career and a boyfriend.“He felt like his partner had all the friends, all the money, all the success, because this person wasn’t working, and his wife was,” Munsch told Live Science.

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Of course, working wives, who are contributing to the financial welfare of their families, are not to blame.

Traditional gender norms can make it harder for female breadwinner families.

My husband and I have a date this week to exchange love letters and celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the night he got down on one knee and proposed.

"The Weaker Sex" is Tsing Loh's latest skeptical look at marriage.

And while she did find couples who are navigating the dynamic with success, she also found breadwinning women who feel resentful of their partners and find themselves asking: What do I need you for?

Here, Torabi discusses the pull of primitive instincts when it comes to gender roles, the pressures men face when it comes to work-life balance, and why she felt the need to state her book is not about feminism.

Is this a nonnegotiable area where no compromise is possible?

Wives who make more money than their husbands are not uncommon today.

I, on the other hand, am not too many steps removed from what my college friend called "a prairie muffin." You know, the stay-at-home Christian mom who bakes whole wheat goodies while wearing a modest denim dress.

Tsing Loh is divorced, due in part to her own infidelity, and subsequently wrote an anti-marriage tirade.

But when she earns more than he does, husbands and wives were less likely to report they are “very happy,” more likely to report they have had marital troubles, and more likely to indicate they have discussed separating in the past year, according to a University of Chicago study looking at couples about 25 years ago.

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