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We also provide information tables and presentations.The Counseling Center staff is available to consult with individuals (faculty, students, or staff) and groups about issues that involve the welfare of a student or group of students.We work directly with the families that are descendants of the original designers, and are honored and proud to present their quality crafted handiwork to you.

Ignatius; Kyle Keriegan, Serra – Michelle Bento, Mountain View,: Lori Finnerty, Piedmont Hills; Kim Hackbarth, Mitty; Chinazo Opia, Monta Vista; Sue Phillips, Mitty; Julie Szukalski, Homestead (POTY); Allyson Taketa, Pioneer; Debbie Vettel, Silver Creek John Sayers, Bellarmine, (POTY) Scott Mc Whorter, Cupertino, Curt Siwek, Monta Vista, Ron Reis, Monta Vista, Walter Watts, Independence, Kendall Simmons, Palo Alto, Rich Ressa, Westmont, Rex Walters, Piedmont Hills, Andre Brooks, Pioneer, Demetrius Parkinson, San Jose Amy Pletschette, Lynbrook; Eileen Shea, Pinewood; Lara Stuart, Piedmont Hills; Heather Mc Pherson, Homestead; Jill Sperry, Gunderson (POTY); Jody Min, Mitty; Kari Dobashi, Piedmont Hills; Doreen Gill, San Jose; Chantae Young, Palo Alto; Michelle Bento, Mountain View Lucius Davis, Piedmont Hills (POTY), Rex Walters, Piedmont Hills, Reggie Smith, Leland, Darren Brown, St.

Francis, Keith Davis, Independence, Lindsay Pettis, Milpitas, Ron Reis, Monta Vista, Brian Killian, Santa Teresa, Curt Siwek, Monta Vista, Mikle Flohr, Bellarmine, Keith Gibbs, Westmont Stacey Mays, Wilcox; Beth Nelson, Westmont; Kelli Kawashima, Leland; Anna Duckworth, Milpitas; Anne Spencer, Mitty; Mondae Hefter, Homestead; Natalie Rynn, Leland- (co-POTY); Kim Conway, Piedmont Hills; Jill Sperry, Gunderson- (co-POTY); Ami Touli, Monta Vista Darren Brown St.

Meet Lewis Del Mar, the alternative and experimental duo out of Brooklyn, whose single Loud(y) suddenly grabbed the attention of all the major record labels shortly after they released it online on January 15th.

From there, Lewis Del Mar’s rise to popularity was fast and furious.

Finally got done with the All-Mercury News selections for basketball, and wanted to share an email from former Mercury News editor John Spalding who has provided a list he has compiled with another former Mercster, Don Nash, of all the All-Mercury News basketball teams dating back to 1960.

Here’s the list and thanks to John and Don for all they do as CCS historians.

Vester Robinson, Silver Creek (POTY); Don Weaver, Mills; Steve Maehl, Los Altos; John Pacchetti, Riordan; Tom Flavan, Aragon; Scott Russell, Del Mar; Mike Downs, Ayer; Erick Walker, Woodside; Rod Williams, Hillsdale; Kjell Stakkestad, Aptos Buzz Harnett, Serra; Myrt Easley, Woodside; Elmer Love, Riordan; Korky Nelson, Oak Grove; Barry Rockwell, Gilroy; Rod Williams, Hillsdale (co-POTY); Ray Townsend, Camden (co-POTY); Greg Bond, Riordan; Mike Rudder, Willow Glen; Todd Walker, Cubberley; Bob Burlison, Palma Kurt Rambis, Cupertino (POTY); Michael Bowie, St. Ignatius; Glen Wolfe, Silver Creek; Brian Fryslie, Camden; John Caselli, Serra; Myrt Easley, Woodside; Rick Porras, Mitty; Andy Pecota, Peterson; Ken Sayre, Cupertino Kate Gerwe, Los Gatos; April Silas, Oak Grove; Karen Keller, St. Francis; Becky Meyers, Terra Nova (POTY); Pam Reinohl, Los Gatos; Dawn Wackerly, Live Oak; Luanne Ferguson, Homestead; Sarah Sweet, Aptos.

Kent Lockhart, Gunn; Frank Avalos, Riordan; Marichal Gilbert, Mt. Francis (POTY); Nick Vanos, Hillsdale; John Prunty, Fremont-S; Tim Taylor, Saratoga; Kent Eaton, Palo Alto; Terry Davis, Lincoln; Davis Ponce, Mt. Francis; Jennie Ledesma, Campbell; Linda Walsh, Santa Clara (POTY); Karen Cooke, Lynbrook; Chris Metzger, Fremont Christian; Donna Callejon, St.

We are happy to discuss your needs for consultation and provide any assistance appropriate to your situation.

For more information, call the Counseling Center at 361-698-1586.

If you haven’t taken a listen to their EP, do it and thank me later. We have known each other for most of our lives, and made music together for most of our lives so we have been in lots of groups together.


  1. This October 12th date has got to be circled by both teams already. Passing: Chris Simms, 214-362-11, 2603 Yards, 22 TD's Rushing: Cedric Benson, 223 att., 1053 yds., 12 TD's Receiving: Roy Williams, 67 rec., 836 yds., 7 TD's Scoring: Dusty Mangum, 16 FG, 54 PAT, 102 pts. Kicking: Dusty Mangum, 16-23 FG, 54-55 PAT, 102 pts.

  2. It’s a very surprising news that an actor so famous and rich, with all his good looks and good attitude; doesn’t seem to have a great deal going on in his love life.

  3. While images of everyone from Matt Damon, Bono, Anna Wintour, Cindy Crawford, Emily Blunt and husband John Krasinski celebrating the lavish event in the Italian city have appeared, Brangelina haven’t been seen once.

  4. In the social sciences, scaling is the process of measuring or ordering entities with respect to quantitative attributes or traits.

  5. Limited research, however, has investigated fat talk across the female lifespan.

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  7. The typical Filipina is a supporting, thoughtful, and strong woman, who is quite capable of running the family unit, juggling household and wifely duties, and participating as a good and loyal partner.

  8. Multiple colours can be printed by keying the paper to a frame around the woodblocks.

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