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There is a new spring clip installed at the top of the torsion spring. The supporting harp has a twist design from the bottom to the face. There is a 1/2" in diameter dial on the front with the numbers 1-12 for setting the alarm.

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For general shipping information from the auctioneer please see below: Buyers Premium At 17.5% plus VAT Lots purchased via which will be charged at 20.5% plus VAT.

VAT Will be added to the bid price and buyers’ premium on all lots unless otherwise stated by the auctioneer Credit Cards/Debit Cards Credit & Debit Cards are not accepted over the telephone our bank transfer details are below.

It is best to E-Mail Me me to set up an appointment if you are making a special trip to see me.

This clock comes with the original glass, which is much thicker and heavier than replacement glass.

Payment by debit card is accepted without surcharge.

• Bank transfer into our account quoting invoice number Nat West, Sort: 60-02-13 Account 36151556 If you wish to pay by bank transfer please contact our accounts department on or before the day of sale [email protected] Clearance On sale day until 5 pm and the following Monday 8.30 am to 5.00 pm. It is marked Kieninger and Obergfell - Made in Germany. I am not an appraiser, please keep that in mind if you contact me for information or value of your time piece. The back panel is mirrored with cross etching, and the right and left front glass panels are etched with flowers. Looks to me like it's plate number 1381 in Terwilliger's ninth edition. The face has a design that is quite ornate and decorative! Weighs about 4 lbs and has a beveled glass front and glass all around. It has a Lantern style case with five panels of beveled glass. The name Schatz is on the top face of the clock along with Made in Germany on the bottom face. There are no adjustable feet to level the clock, it must be placed on a level shelf. The clock has the original instruction manual, two spare suspension wires, and a key. Also marked R, R above a box with Two (2) jewels unadjusted. A few minor markings are present due to it's age A rose pattern & gold striping surround the base, as well as the clock face. The face of the clock is marked WESTCLOX BABY BEN just under the hands and MADE BY WESTCLOX LASALLE, ILL U. Below is a photo of the gears and anchor before the back plate was put on, photos of the complete clock, and videos of the escapement and the complete clock.


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