Dating people different cultures

Making families mesh and understand one another when they come from two completely different backgrounds isn't always the easiest thing.

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Dating people different cultures

Is this the first time you’ve dated someone who comes from a different culture to your own?

If you’re interested in Asian dating then learning all about your date’s beliefs and background beforehand is a great way to start.

For example, if you’re dating someone from the Philippines, then you may want to learn about their language, Tagalog, or read about the country’s rich and complex cultural history.

This is a great way to show how serious you are about them and the relationship. As with any relationship, there are inevitable challenges to overcome when dating someone from another culture.

It will be somewhat naive to expect two people, however loving and skilful as communicators, coming from two different backgrounds, with two different histories, different life experiences and different concomitant views on life will be able to just fall into a happy place just because love is in the air.

If one of the partners is of higher social standing than the other, then what you will need is a magic ingredient that will make them gel.

If that doesn't happen, what you will have is, say, one party ending up resenting the other for having to act in accordance with the conventions of another social group.

If you are, say, used to lounging about in whatever attire comes handy and clean, but suddenly have to make sure you look drop-dead gorgeous a few times a week, because there are black-tie commitments to attend, or you are used to pints at the pub, whereas you have to attend a spouses-invited formal dinner on a regular basis, you might well end up harbouring feelings that will undermine your relationship.

Cross-cultural relationships bring with them new experiences that may have been foreign to you before.


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