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After reassignment to a naval facility in Monterey, California, Hubbard became depressed and fell ill.Reporting stomach pains in April 1945, he spent the remainder of the war as a patient in Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in Oakland, California.

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Hubbard spent three semesters at George Washington University but was placed on probation in September 1931. In July 1941, Hubbard was commissioned as a Lieutenant (junior grade) in the U. Having run out of depth charges and with the presence of a submarine still unconfirmed by other ships, Hubbard's ship was ordered back to port.

A navy report concluded that "there was no submarine in the area." A decade later, Hubbard claimed he had sunk a Japanese submarine in his Scientology lectures.

On June 28, 1941, Hubbard ordered his crew to fire on the Coronado Islands.

Hubbard apparently did not realize that the islands belonged to US-allied Mexico, nor that he had taken his vessel into Mexican territorial waters.

They were first outside the sports centre on Friday but came back on Sunday with their huge tents and flags which read 'communication' and 'conflicts'.

The tent was pitched just metres away from the street where hundreds of locals are handing out donations to those who have been left homeless by the inferno which has so far claimed 78 lives.

Individual Scientologists hold their own political views and tend to support governments or political parties which form democratic systems, honor the dignity and freedom of citizens and protect human rights.” The letter also stated, “The Church of Scientology as a matter of principle does not strive for participation in any secular power.” Despite its Emmy nomination, Remini’s program won’t be getting any plaudits from the church, which it calls a “bigoted hate-filled program.” But Remini says her show aims to enlighten people.

She hopes the show, which has been renewed for a second season, will resonate with people interested in all forms of social justice.

If he succeeds, many religions — including Scientology — would gain greater freedom to get involved in politics without their tax-exempt status being threatened.

On Sunday, The Wrap wrote about a Scientology-heavy neighborhood that was one of the only Los Angeles precincts to vote for Trump in the 2016 election.

This is a major holiday for Scientology's many Celebrity Centres, highlighting their achievements and celebrating their existence.


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