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Want to learn Spanish WHILE discovering new places? White Water Rafting on the Pacuare River in Costa Rica: Non students / Students ! Stay put in one place, pick your own path, or join the Travelling Spanish Classroom on a 4 week guided trip to experience true adventure-education.

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The order of the lodging options does not represent any particular ranking.

The rates that appear are per night but at some places there are better rates for extended stays and even better rates for Habla Ya students.

Panamanian culture is so rich, deep, and FUN, it’s a joy to experience while learning the Spanish language!

Here are the top 10 things to know about Panamanian culture for anyone who plans to learn Spanish in Panama: Panama is a huge melting pot of races, but in a very tiny space!

Going way back in history, Panama was home to multiple indigenous groups, many of which still live here today.

Many scholars believe that the major civilizations of Mesoamerica (Mayans, Aztecs and others) and South America (Incas), used the Isthmus of Panama as trading grounds or at least as a point of transit.

We invite you to come stay and enjoy the garden paradise at ISLA VERDE (Green Island).

For even more about the Panamanian culture, check out this post by my friend Evelyne...

For now, the Habla Ya EXPERIENCE will be the main theme of our Blog. Panama Guide is the #1 English Language web site about the Republic of Panama.

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