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Search the collection by typing in a keyword such as part of the artist name or title.

All objects matching the keyword(s) anywhere in the object records will appear in the results.

Fluid is a template engine which lets you display content on a website very easily.

A specific file (the template) will be processed and the containing placeholders will be replaced with the current content.

To generate your site using a theme you have created (or downloaded manually and then modified), you can specify that theme via the ├── static │ ├── css │ └── images └── templates ├── // to display archives ├── period_// to display time-period archives ├── // processed for each article ├── // processed for each author ├── // must list all the authors ├── // must list all the categories ├── // processed for each category ├── // the index (list all the articles) ├── // processed for each page ├── // processed for each tag └── // must list all the tags. The idea is to use a simple syntax that you can embed into your HTML pages.

This document describes which templates should exist in a theme, and which variables will be passed to each template at generation time.This is the basic concept of template engines - as well as Fluid's.Fluid is based on three conceptual pillars which build the backbone of the template engine and provide for scalability and flexibility: Tip The markers used in the classic marker based templates of TYPO3 v4 are also placeholders which are replaced later on by the desired data.The Advanced Search option allows you to search on specific types of information using multiple criteria to narrow down your search results. At the top of the page you can change from one view to another. Click on the image to see an enlarged Detail View (when available). See a larger image (where available) of an individual object and all currently available information.Browse objects in a list with the title, date, artist, medium, and a small image. Use Advanced Search to find objects that meet specific criteria.You will notice though, that the placeholders used in Fluid are clearly more flexible and versatile. This hierarchical notation is a syntax that makes it possible to walk through associations in the object graph - you can literally move from object to object.


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