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Is one website or application better than the others? Looking to find out which online dating site was the most popular in the month of January, Media Miser used its media monitoring software to analyze Twitter sentiment and online news mentions for five of the top online matchmatching services: OKCupid,, Tinder, Plenty Of Fish (POF) and e Harmony. Positive mentions include success stories, positive experiences or positive brand mentions.

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Dating comes with a profusion of rules and “tried and true” methods for landing the perfect match.

Ironically, dating rules transfer really well as a PR professional.

(via The Hive)Have you ever considered cold calling a potential mentor? Tech-minded recruitment of top talent in the beauty industry with 24 Seven Talent (via Beauty is your Business)This one has been making the rounds - what do you think?

Here's why throwing caution to the wind can be a good thing (via Levo)Pass (on) the Rosé, all your summer client events must now have blue prosecco.

If you want a journalist to cover your story, first you've got to buy them a drink, take them to dinner, tell them they are beautiful, listen to their needs, their hopes, their dreams. If you think PR is about one night stands, prowling the local pub for that slightly drunk insecure someone who might go to bed with you...think again. Once you have your list of journalists that you would like to cover your business some day, start by sending them a very short introduction.

But even if you are not their cup of tea at the end of the day, if you showed them respect, if you didn't charge in a like a slobbering Jersey Shore moron, then who knows? Today we are going to talk about one of the first steps in creating your PR strategy, the art of dating journalists.Most notable are the common words found in tweets mentioning OKCupid and Tinder.In terms of word associations mentioned in tweets, appears the most popular in terms of positivity compared to Tinder, POF and e Harmony.Consider this scenario – You are at a bar with someone you have just met.You are into them and desperately trying to pique his/her interest. Both scenarios require a calculated approach, suave communication, and on-point messaging. As a PR or content marketing professional, you need to figure out how to make journalists like you and want to work with you...the week of May 1, 2017Ready to hop off the proverbial catwalk?

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