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Don't quite know where to put this, but on another website someone told me about dating sites for people with epilepsy. This is not a topic I can claim to know anything about (though I would be interested to learn more if anyone else cares to enlighten me).

“The Senate is trying to pass the American Health Care Act bill, and that is going to drastically affect people with disabilities,” Marilee Adamski-Smith, a spokesperson for ADAPT, told The Mighty.

“We won’t be able to live in our own homes, we’ll be forced into nursing homes.

People with physical disabilities, on the other hand, are often portrayed as helpless victims, or people who heroically “The truth is, people with disabilities—and especially women and women of colour with disabilities—are often the most vulnerable to being victims of violence.

And when they experience violence, because they are seen as crazy, or because they are not able to understand or communicate what happened to them, their attackers are rarely brought to justice.

So this is a really important bill we want them to look at and make sure that this does not get passed.” Dawn Russell being loaded onto police bus for processing with her fist raised in POWER!

#ADAPTand RESIST #Save Medicaid #Free Our People — DC Metro ADAPT (@DCAdapt) June 22, 2017 The GOP’s health care plan proposes cutting 4 billion from Medicaid as well as ending Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion program.

Conversely, if someone is not too fazed by knowing about health issues beforehand and shows a willingness to adapt, this is likely to indicate that they are a strong person who posesses the capacity to take life as it comes and deal with issues as they arise, rather than getting easily flustered when things are not "perfect".

I think this is the kind of person most of us want in the end.

Those who are, and especially those for whom it would be the primary reason for not wanting to get involved, are very likely to be people you would be better off without for other reasons in any case.


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