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The stress your boss causes is bad for your health. workers describe their bosses as follows: Most bosses aren't surprised by these statistics.Multiple studies have found that working for a bad boss increases your chance of having a heart attack by as much as 50 percent. A DDI study found that 64 percent of managers admit that they need to work on their management skills.

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Successful people know how to make the most of a bad situation.

A bad boss doesn't deter them because they understand that success is simply the product of how well you can play the hand you've been dealt.

Dealing with difficult coworkers, bosses, customers, clients, and friends is an art worth perfecting.

Dealing with difficult situations at work is challenging, yet rewarding.

Psychologist Amy Cooper Hakim, an expert on employer-employee relationships, says this is a problem many people face.

In a revised version of the book "Working With Difficult People," which was originally written by Hakim's grandmother, Hakim details how to deal with virtually every type of exhausting co-worker, including bosses and subordinates.

A "tackler" is a coworker who attacks you personally while arguing an issue, according to Hakim.

"These colleagues are so determined to score points with the boss that they block whatever you toss out for consideration and tackle you instead of the problem," she writes.

Don't stop suggesting great ideas just because you have a co-worker like this.


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